Dinghies Course Dates 2023

Dinghy Tuition (adults and children age 9+) – 4 places at each time slot, £12
DT1: Sat 27 May & Sat 3rd Jun, 1:30PM (2 sessions)
DT2: Sat 27 May & Sat 3rd Jun, 1:50PM (2 sessions)
DT3: Sat 27 May & Sat 3rd Jun, 2:10PM (2 sessions)

Course is for adults and children (minimum 9 years of age). Up to 2 people will be in a dinghy with a trainer for the session. Children (under 18) who have not passed the WBC swim test and adults who are not good swimmers must wear their own well-fitted lifejackets. You must be a member of the Wargrave Boating Club for the 2023 season to participate in this course.

We have a number of dinghies which are ideal for a fun row on the river.  

This is a great introductory craft for all the family. Children can row side by side with their siblings or best friends, as can adults too!