Dinghy Course Dates 2024

Dinghy Tuition (adults and children age 9+), £12
Two 20 minute sessions, timings agreed between trainer and attendees

Course is for adults and children (minimum 9 years of age). Up to 2 people will be in a dinghy with a trainer for the session. Children (under 18) who have not passed the WBC swim test and adults who are not good swimmers must wear their own well-fitted lifejackets.

You must be a member of the Wargrave Boating Club for the 2024 season to participate in this course and be able to arrive before the course to help get craft out, and stay afterwards to help put them away

We have a number of dinghies which are ideal for a fun row on the river.  

This is a great introductory craft for all the family. Children can row side by side with their siblings or best friends, as can adults too!